sustainable solutions to the fashion world

Delivering sustainable solutions to the fashion world

Our offer

The demand for the end of waste is already knocking loudly at the fashion industry’s door. Products need to be durable and reusable – not disposable. We must all shift our thinking to leading the circular economy and start demanding the end of single use plastics.

Since 1989, Pact Retail Accessories (formerly TIC) has been working with top global fashion retailers to pioneer a world-first reuse model. One that keeps hangers and accessories in circulation for many years and plastic completely out of landfill. This has seen our partnerships achieve huge environmental success.

Our solutions

Since TIC became a part of Pact Group, we’ve gone from strength to strength.

As a global leader in circular and sustainable packaging solutions, we also bring advanced material science, design and manufacturing expertise into the durability and reuse equation.

Always evolving, our closed-loop retail solutions now enable you to explore the huge potential of our advanced sustainability platform. Something retail visionaries, such as Kmart, Target, Tesco and so many more, are already taking very seriously.

hanger service

Our garment hanger service streamlines the retail supply chain and help in-store staff be more efficient.

security tags

Pact Reuse’s EAS tags recovery program collects used hard security tags from retailers, sorts them and returns them to garment manufacturers for reuse.

Our circular process

Each year Pact Reuse diverts enough garment hangers and accessories into its reuse program, that if laid end to end, the hangers would go around the world more than three times.

Our process involves collecting used garment hangers from retail stores, sorting, quality inspection, re-packing and distributing them to garment, footwear and accessory suppliers around the world.

Our circular system

Order garment hangers

Apparel manufacturer places an order for garment hangers via our online store. Once received, the apparel manufacturer places finished garments on re-use hangers and prepares them for shipment.

Shipment of GOH goods to retail distribution centre

The shipment of garment on hanger (GOH) ready goods is sent to the designated country and received by the retailers distribution centre.

Distribution centre forwards shipment to retail stores

The distribution centre forwards the shipment to retail stores with garments ready to be presented on the shop floor for immediate sale.

Used garment hangers retained in boxes

Customers purchase garments from stores. The garment hangers are retained by the store and held in large palletised boxes.

Garment hanger collection

Used garment hangers are collected from stores.

Garment hangers returned to central return centre

Garment hangers are returned to one of our central returns centres. We also reuse EAS security tags.

Garment hangers sorted and quality inspected for reuse

Garment hangers are sorted, quality inspected and packed as finished stock ready for use again.

Durability and reuse

Gone are the days of disposable single-use retail. We strive to be ‘leaders in delivering sustainable solutions to the fashion world’.

Our reuse model is the most sustainable garment-on-hanger solution on the market. All of our hangers are specifically designed and manufactured by us for reuse. They can withstand several complete cycles without breakage, with a life span of over ten years in many cases.

  • The complete reuse of hangers and accessories, rather
    than manufacturing new,

    saves 86% of water and 64% of carbon emissions.*

  • 100% re-use vs. re-manufacturing from
    recycled materials results in a

    reduction in carbon emissions of 52%.*

    *Confirmed by independent third-party assessments
    commissioned by Pact Reuse

Our retail

We have long term partnerships with a many of the world’s leading fashion houses, large-scale retailers, department stores and specialty fashion outlets: a global footprint of over 8,000 stores.

Many of our partners achieve return rates of over 80% with significant benefits in terms of cost and environmental impact.


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Join our growing circle of global retail partners today. The end of waste is the fashion world’s only real future. Our promise is to create a better and more prosperous world all round.


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